Wellington Disc Golf Club Discs

Wellington Disc Golf Club Discs

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These Limited edition Wellington Disc Golf Club discs feature the rainbow metallic, heat-stamped limited edition artwork in bothe high quality star plastic and Halo Star two tone plastic! These high-quality, discs are perfect collectibles for any disc golf fanatic or get a whole Kit of Upside Discs and collect the set!

NOTE: Discs come in a rainbow of colours and imprints. you may request a color but there is no guarantee on sock of specific plastic colors or imprint color. two-tone "halo" star plastic discs shown.

Star Rollo Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/jay
Mid-range Disc - Speed 5

Star Shark Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/shark
Mid-range Disc - Speed 4

Star Wombat 3 Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/wombat3
Mid-range Disc - Speed 5

Star TeeBird Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/teebird
Fairway Driver - Speed 7

Star Wraith Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/wraith
Distance Driver - Speed 11

Halo Star Mako 3 Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/mako3/
Mid-range Disc - Speed 5

Halo Star Aviar Puter Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/aviar
Putt and Approach - Speed 2

Halo Star Mamba Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/mamba
Distance Driver - Speed 11

Halo Star Shryke Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/shryke
Distance Driver - Speed 13

Halo Star Valkyrie Disc - www.innovadiscs.com/disc/valkyrie
Distance Driver - Speed 9

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