Gouda Gold: Mountain Oak Cheese

Gouda Gold: Mountain Oak Cheese

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New Hamburg, Ontario

Description: Themalized Holstein Cow's milk. Aged a minimum of 1 year. Farmstead. Cooked and pressed. Waxed Rind. Crumbly yet creamy. Rich butterscotch and caramel flavours abound, followed by a sharp, and salty finish. A slight crunchiness is created by tysosines (proteins coming together in the milk) aka cheese diamonds. This award winning complex aged gouda is wonderful paired with many different beers styles.

Pairs with: County Brown Ale or Upside IPA

Pairing notes:

County Brown Ale -  One of our favourite all time classic pairings, this one is rich, strong, and classic. The County Brown Ale transforms the Gouda Gold into a super creamy and velvety cheese. The roasted malts in the beer highlight the bourbon like flavours in the cheese with hints of butterscotch and caramel and create a lingering sweet and sharp finish.

Upside IPA - The juicy notes in the Upside highlight the sweet notes in the cheese. The bitterness in the hops matches the sharpness in the cheese and excites the palate. Flavours echo each other throughout.  A beautiful pairing.

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