Cow’s Creamery 3 Year Old Cheddar

Cow’s Creamery 3 Year Old Cheddar

Cow’s Creamery 3 Year Old Cheddar

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Cow’s Creamery 3 Year Old Cheddar-Charlottetown, PEI

Type: Raw (unpasteurized) Holstein cow’s milk. Aged a minimum of 3 years. Cooked, pressed. Cheddar.

Dominant Flavours: smooth and form texture, sea salt, mildly tart with a long sharp finish. Rich and slightly crunchy from the tyrosines (cheese diamonds)

Description: Scott Link letter owner of Cow's Creamery, (most famous for their ice cream), toured the Orkney Islands North of Scotland. With the help of his head cheese-maker Armand Bernard, they took traditional Scottish cheese making recipes and combined them with traditional English cheddaring methods. The result: subtle versatile and slightly sweet & sharp white cheddar. Creamy and very well balanced.

All of the cow’s milk comes from small local farms around P.E.I and given that no point on the island is no more than 20 miles or so from the sea, with the salt air and the iron-rich red soil, all these things combine to add flavor and quality to the product.

Pairing Notes: The hoppy GLB x Welly West Coast Pale Ale provides a perfect partner for this well balanced and well executed aged cheddar. Hints of sea salt and sharpness in the cheese match the resinous hops in the beer. Sweet cream notes highlight the juicy notes in the hops. Bold and playful! The Cheddar is also delightful with the County Brown Ale. Sweet comfort indeed! Creamy, salty, sweet and rich. It’s like mac and cheese on a rainy day.

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