Greystone: River's Edge Goat Dairy

Greystone: River's Edge Goat Dairy

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Greystone: River's Edge Goat Dairy

Arthur, Ontario

Description: Pasteurized Goat Milk. Aged minimum 10-14 days. Farmstead. Young. Surface ripened. This cheese is stunning on a cheeseboard, and made using their farmstead chevre, formed in the shape of a stone, with a rind dusted in vegetable ash.  The Greystone is super creamy getting more gooey as it ages.  The cheese is delicate with subtle tart and tangy notes. The finish offers a slight bite and adds complexity to the cheese. 

Pairs with: Against The Currant, Welly X Nickel Brook Dry-Hopped Blueberry PearCounty Brown Ale.

Pairing notes: The Greystone is excellent paired with Sours. Try it with our Nickel Brook collaboration beer, the dry-hopped blueberry pear sour. The subtle sour notes in the beer heighten the tanginess without overpowering this delicate cheese. Hints of salt appear and the creaminess of the cheese shines through.

For something a little different try the Greystone with our County Brown Ale. A rich and warming brown ale pairs perfectly with the creaminess in the cheese, highlighting the brie like qualities in the cheese and taming the bite at the finish. 

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